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“Només Química” by Alfonso Albacete

Olivia is 22 years old and works as a shop assistant in a perfumery. She is in love with the handsome and famous argentinian actor, Eric Soto, a young man accostumed to luxuries and a life where appearances are important. One day, their ways cross and they begin a special relationship. This is the story of “Solo Química”, film directed by Alfonso Albacete, which was premiered at the last Malaga Film Festival and it’s now in theatres.

After “Vivir o Soñar” and “Mentiras y Gordas”, Albacete is back to our screens with one of those stories about film within a film like “Nothing Hill”, where the famous and admired actor tries to transform a plain girl into a distinguished lady.

“Solo Química” is not deep or innovative, and it doesn’t move the audience. It’s, simply, a romantic comedy with enough elements to entertain. Despite the fact that the screenplay is predictable and it’s full of topics, the trio characters are willing and they save the dishes during the one hundred and ten minutes of the film.

Ana Fernández and Alejo Sauras are convincing and they carry all the weight of the movie firmly. However, the argentinian actor, Roberto Guirao, takes the brunt of it and his performance seems artificial in some scenes.

Special mention the secondary actors deserve, because their contribution help to breath life into the film when it’s necessary. Jaime Olías plays the typical gay friend who knows all about fashion (including to walk in heels), meanwhile María Esteve is the closed friend of the leading actress and, providing doses of humor, takes the major part of the laughs.

Finally, another remarkable point is the city of Barcelona as another protagonist, and the catchy soundtrack, with themes of Fangoria, Zahara o Miss Cafeína.

With all those ingredients, “Solo Química” is the perfect movie for teenage spirits that, without be excessivily demanding, want to have a good time and to contribute some euros to our Spanish cinema.

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