It’s Halloween!


Els nostres alumnes han fet uns dibuixos i uns relats terrorífics per celebrar Halloween!!

Aquests són els que més ens han agradat!

A Halloween story

The day of Halloween a girl called Carla meets her friends for a party on Halloween.

Meet: Ainhoa, Venjing, Wissal, Montse, Rosemarie, Evelyn, Sergio, Oscar, Ivan and Sergi.

They are dressed up like a werewolf, a vampire, a ghost…

Then they see terror films like Chucky, the girl of exorcist…

They play terror games and speak about their favourite monsters.

Then they make jokes:

– Oh, nooo! A crazy girl comes to me! Help! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

– Oh, nooo! A doll is going to kill me! Ha, ha, ha!!!

– Oh! If I say three miserable numbers the demon comes heres! 6… 6… 6…

And then the light turns off…

Carla Jimeno

The ghost girl

A long time ago in a cold night a man called Carlos went to a party with a friend in a bar of Canada.

It was close to 12pm when a beautiful girl called Monica came into the bar and sat down alone at the table. When Carlos saw her alone, he invited her to dance and have a beer with him.

Monica was very cold and Carlos gave her his jacket. When the girl was going to go Carlos offered to carry her on his motorcycle. When they arrived at her house Carlos told her that the next morning he will came for the jacket.

The next day Carlos went to Monica’s home for his jacket. He knocked on the door and a woman opened. He asked her for Monica and she told him that she had died 5 years ago.

He doesn’t believe that and the lady told him to go to the cemetery to see the tomb of her, his jacket was on the tomb.

Carlos was very scared and went to talk with his friends.

After this Carlos did not speak with strangers.

Wissal El Amrani

Halloween night in Arizona

All started on the 31st of October of 2015. It was Halloween night in Arizona. A Spanish family, who lives there 5 years ago, celebrate their first Halloween in Arizona.

They bought some sweets and scary things about Halloween to decorate their ‘scary garden’. The mummy, Jessica, did cute and delicious biscuits with vampire and zombie shapes.

They celebrated a party at their house with some friends and more family.

They enjoyed the party a lot, music and the children with lots of sweets (because they went to all the houses to ask for it).

There was a strange thing on the food, because the people were dizzy and strange. The biscuits were poisoned!!! The people were crazy and they wanted to go out the house.

But it was late, the house was closed and they couldn’t come up!

An intelligent man was thinking how they could go out through the windows. He thought a way and they come up the house!

Lucia Soto and Aitana Rodriguez

Per últim, felicitem a Mayuri Pirui i Núria Coca per aquests dibuixos tan fantàstics!

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